Course Outline

The classroom portion of the class covers:

  1. The Revolver: Its components and operation.
  2. The Semi-Automatic Pistol: Its components and operation.
  3. Ammunition Basics.
  4. Safe Handling of Firearms.
  5. Shooting Techniques.
  6. Weapon Retention, Holstering, and Methods of Concealment.
  7. Responsible, ethical use of firearm in personal protection.
  8. Developing proper mindset for dealing with a life-threatening situation.
  9. Levels of mental awareness.
  10. Use of Deadly Force.
  11. Presentation of Minnesota Statutes pertaining to firearm use.

The hands-on, range qualification portion of the class covers:

  1. Demonstrating the use of safe handling of firearms.
  2. Shooting at an official target and acquiring a minimum percentage of points.
  3. Personal training in safe, effective firearm use to assure ability to pass the range qualifications.

The class meets one time and lasts roughly four hours.

  All materials including handouts, targets, ammunition, use of a firearm, and range fees are included in your registration fee.